Automatic Fare Collection

We provide comprehensive solution in design, development, integration, customisation & manufacturing of AFC equipments for transportation sector. S-CUBE is one stop solutions for all kind of AFC equipments like Automatic Flap Gate, Swing Gate, Add Value Machine, Portable Ticket Decoder, Token Vending Machine, Card Initialisation & Personalisation. We Design & provide equipments which are in compliance with open & closed loop ticketing system based on contactless technologies . Our equipments are best suited for mass rapid transit system & can be easily integrated with any revenue collection system.

Embedded System Development

S-CUBE offers full range of design services for embedded and real time system that includes system architecture, electronic design & analysis, software design, porting & customisation operating system, BSP and driver development, development tool , integration and testing and documentation. Our team is experienced in linux customisation, IoT devices, Augmented Reality, process control, natural language integration, hardware simulators & emulators, embedded automative software for electro mechanical equipments and hard real time systems.

Industrial Automation & Control System

Our Advance Process Control solution is highly flexible and configurable and covers a wide range of industrial automation, visualization and process control system. Our Automation Solutions focus on process automation, HMI design, Industrial automation integration, control system design and migration. We also provide hardware & software solution for different components like PLC, SCADA and HMI of Industrial Control System. We provide consultancy on Industry Ethernet and contract manufacturing of Industrial Switches, Serial Device servers and remote terminal units for remote monitoring and Industrial Control Systems.

Electronic board Development

Our team has strong digital, RF & mixed signal design skills & has rich experience in designing high speed & mixed signal multi layer boards. We offer cost effective design & development of circuit boards based on open standards, open source as well as custom boards. With our extensive experience and highly skilled work force in various research & development projects, we can create electronic boards, development boards, prototypes using DSP, Advance Processor, Micro-controllers & FPGA. We manufacture electronic products for companies in various industries such as consumer electronics, home & industrial automation & control system, security and access control, Networking & Telecommunication.

Access Automation

We design, customise and provide wide range of solution for automatic access & identification. Our expertise spans across vehicle access system for parking & toll application, pedestrian access for boarding & fare gates. Our secure entry gates provide biometric and contactless technology for auto identification and access control. S-CUBE offers complete in line and cost effective products/solutions for all kind of entrances control including access control for mass transit systems.

Mechanical Design & development

Mechanical engineering is demanding more attention in the overall product development process. As an end-to-end development partner, Satyam Software Solutions offers mechanical engineering services to customers across the globe. S-CUBE offers numerous mechanical engineering services such as product design, development, prototyping, 3D printing ,tool migration, details engineering, reverse engineering, value engineering, modelling , detailing & simulation and manufacturing under one roof. The team makes sure that the customer is able to achieve the product in reduced cost but state of art product through innovative mechanical engineering processes. We design products in compliance with industry regulations like IP65/66/67/68, CE, NEMA, FDA regulations.