Creative Design

S-CUBE provides comprehensive solution from conception, construction to innovative product realisation. We provide tailored services in close cooperation according to the need and during any stage of product development lifecycle.

Customer Focus

We are pro customer company with comprehensive understanding of customer needs, best in meeting the requirement & continuously strive to exceed expectations. Manages products, processes & services effectivly to provide customer satisfaction.

Open Source & Standards

We believe in the usefulness and strong potential of open-source software, hardware & open standards in product development. With our extensive experience in some of the best technologies available in open source we can help you introduce them in your products & solutions.

Electronic Manufacturing

Our skill set, focus and dedication to achieve unparalleled excellence in electronic design, manufacturing and assembly has resulted in proven track record of success in the contract electronics manufacturing.


We strictly maintain the international quality standards of the product, solution and service through a well defined process, use new innovative methods & best practices in terms of quality process & available technology. Providing the cost effective quality services is our hallmark.

Service & Support

Our service & support includes everything from configuring an instrument before it is dispatched, through to on-site installation, commissioning & optimisation, to maintenance & servicing of the product . Our highly trained engineers can work alone to reduce the operational cost.

Rapid Prototyping

Regardless of your industry, if you need to verify your designs, and need a cost-efficient model or prototype quickly, with or without a high-degree of accuracy or a well-defined finishing degree then we can help you getting the work done. We can help you in converting your design into functional and non functional models by prototyping at rapid speed using latest development technologies and methods.

Contract Manufacturing

S-CUBE, by offering contract manufacturing to many MNCs, helps the MNC to reduce the production cost by manufacturing the components, electronics, mechanical parts and assemblies within India while maintaining the international quality standards. We offer component and product manufacturing, small batch production and large scale production.

About us

OUR MISSION - "Providing cost effective quality products for Automation of Mass Transit and Control System."

Our Products

* AFC Ready Flap Gates
* AFC Ready Turnstile Gates
* Add Value Machine
* Ticket Validators
* Remote Charging Terminals
* Token/Ticket Vending Machine

* Flap Gates
* Tripod Turnstile Gates
* Automatic Swing Gates
* Boom Barrier

* Flap Controller Cards
* Motor Controllers
* FPGA Control Cards
* PLC Controllers
* Headlight Driver
* Backlight card
* VGA/LVDS Display Controller
* Development Kits

* Token Recycler
* Token Dispenser
* Paper Ticker Reader
* Contactless Card Dispenser

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, S-CUBE has assembled a staff of highly skilled, experienced, knowledgeable engineers, designers and technicians. These individuals give our company the technical depth required to handle our customer's stringent requests.

We believe that honesty, credibility and ethical values are paramount for the success of organisation and its people.We work with a focus as to become an extended arm of our client’s concern. We only charge for what we do for the benefit of client.

Providing full spectrum of support and services from conception to construction of product and from sales and installation to operation and maintenance.

In order to provide long term qualitative maintenance support at cost effective prices availability of local support is must.Local manufacturing provides triple benefit of low maintenance cost, on time and fast availability of local support and competitive product prices.

By supporting make in India initiative and indigenous development of goods we are able to meet the local need, affordable products and less reliance on foreign companies.

Technical Partners
% Resources on R&D